UTAS Club Awards 2017

UTAS Athletics Club held our Annual Awards Presentation on Sunday 18 June at Sporties Hotel in Launceston.

The following awards were presented on the day;


Club Ambassador Awards

Emily Canham, Inessa Corney, Josh Harris & Mikayla Genge


In Appreciation

Jackie Campbell, Kev Morse, Michael Phillips & Janine Wendeling (the Brownie Lady!)


Improvement Awards

Indy Brideson, Jaxson Stone & Alex Zegveld


Best First Year Athlete

Bryce Archer


UTAS Parkrun Award

Ben Hoare


Special Achievement Awards

Dylan Evans, Lily Holloway, Dan Lemoto & Hue Peacock


Junior Athlete of the Year

Raph Corney & Samuel Walker


Open Athlete of the Year

Mikayla Genge & Josh Harris/Stewart McSweyn/Hamish Peacock


Masters Athlete of the Year

Cathy McKeown & Geoff Gibbons


Congratulations to all members on what was an incredible 2016-2017 season #teamUTAS